About Us

Sayapatri Nepali Cultural Group, UK, is solely established to preserve and promote Nepalese art, culture and traditions. Established in 2006 in Woking, UK with only four members, the group has been continuously organising various programmes, activities and charities throughout the UK and other parts of the world to preserve our culture. Although the Group is currently located in Woking, UK, we are working with other various organisations in the UK and other parts of the world in preserving our values and norms. In addition to these, we also organise various classes including dance, music, language etc. to support the Nepalese community. Despite our cultural aims, we also support Nepalese communities in various emergency situations.

News & Events

26-Aug-2018 Sayapatri Saanjh 2018 to be held on 08 September at The Palace, Aldershot

03-Jun-2017 Sayapatri Saanjh 2017 Poster

03-Jun-2017 Sayapatri Saanjh 2017 July 29

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