Aims and Objectives

The aim of the group is to protect, enrich and promote the Nepali art and culture and to familiarize the Nepali art and culture with Nepalese community residing inside and outside the UK. To fulfill the aims, the group has the following objectives:

  • To protect, enrich and promote the Nepali art and culture.
  • To identify or cause to identify the importance of Nepali art and culture in Nepali and non-Nepali society.
  • To maintain the coordination and cooperation between/among the Nepali institutions or association set up in the international level to carry out the different programs relating to the social and public interest.
  • To engage with other ethnic cultural and social organizations to maintain multiculturalism and promote international brotherhood.
  • To carry out different types of works in different sectors in regards to interest and the matter of common concerned of Nepali residing in UK, Nepal and other international Nepali society.
  • To operate the Institution as non-religious, non-political and non-profit motive institution.
  • To unite youth forces scattered in Nepali society and motivate them to carry out different works to promote Nepali culture and society.
  • To carry out various types of works to maintain the social harmony and coherence in the Nepal society.
  • To carry out the miscellaneous works supportive for educational and social upliftment

News & Events

26-Aug-2018 Sayapatri Saanjh 2018 to be held on 08 September at The Palace, Aldershot

03-Jun-2017 Sayapatri Saanjh 2017 Poster

03-Jun-2017 Sayapatri Saanjh 2017 July 29

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